Recycled Magazines!

April 22, 2016

Hello followers, and sorry for not writing for so long! With the new website being put in place, there was a while where I couldn’t access the Glog, but I’m back!

Incase you didn’t already know, today is Earth Day! For Earth day at Gould, the Environmental Science and AP Language classes are holding workshops to promote environmental topics and helping our earth. The Environmental Science class’s workshops are on campus and the AP Language class’s are on the Gould trails on Pine Hill. These workshops are attended by all the advisory groups.

I am lucky to be helping with one of the Environmental workshops, originally called “Trashion,” but recently renamed to “Recycled Magazines.” In our workshop, the students are taking old magazines that would’ve been thrown away and creating collages out of them.



The workshop is a success! Students are loving creating collages– here are some snapshots of the process.





As they complete the collages, we are adding them to the “Wall of Fame”:


I hope you all are having a great Earth Day! Remember to reduce your waste, reuse whatever you can, and recycle!



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