Recap: Getting to Winter Break

December 19, 2014

These past few weeks have served as an introduction to winter for most Gould students. We’re slowly getting used to the shortened classes, the sports in the morning and school in the afternoon, and plowing through snow in your Sperrys to get to class! Today was the last day of classes, and then we’re off to home and the most of the skiers will stay here in Bethel and train. Although most students thought these three weeks weren’t going to be that hard, my teachers proved us wrong. (I wrote the longest essay I’ve ever written). Seniors were dealing with College applications, and juggling school and sports at the same time.

My first day on the mountain was three weeks ago, we started our winter sports, and weekends are completely different from the fall. The fun revolves around one thing: skiing. People go up to the mountains on the weekend whether it’s in the morning, afternoon, or night. If they don’t go to the mountain, some people do Nordic as a sport and some urban skiing for fun. Here’s a picture of Ryan Clermont ’16 doing a back flip at the rail jam last year:


One big event that had everyone talking before and after was Snowball. Snowball was last Sunday which started with a reception followed by dinner, both were in Ordway, and the dance was held in Bingham Gym. This is the senior class at their last Snowball:

Snowball 2014 12-M

While Gould is a huge Campus, it isn’t possible for the whole school to be decorated, but the teachers and students embrace the holiday spirit as much as possible. To raise the holiday spirits, and to get the tired and stressed out students to enjoy themselves, the teachers sung christmas carols through assembly yesterday. While I don’t have the video of that, I have something better. Masa Yasumoto ’16 is one of the most musically talented students at Gould, and while his area of expertise is classical music, he decided to switch things up and do a Violin cover of Taylor Swift’s “Shake it off”:

Happy Holidays!!


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