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February 9, 2012

One of the truly brilliant* things about Gould Academy, is the Four Point program.

Around school Chinese characters have been appearing, and students have been trying to get a grip on the language. Ready for departure on Feb 16th. In the dorms there is a a flurry  of activity of “what do I need” “will it be hot  or cold, rainy or sunny”  and “what shoes should I take” …ohhh the shoes …. Girls, the shoes that you wear for formal dinner will take their toll in China ..BEWARE.

Then there’s the Ordway dining hall …..soon all the silverware will disappear and only chopsticks will be available … it makes for extended eating for some, and practice  for the freshmen.For a taste of the experience check out Blake Wilsons video diary.

So Freshmen embrace the experience , enjoy and come back with lots of interesting tales to tell us.

The Sophomores…Oh the Sophomores….!

The Sophomores will spend the week with us here on campus, tackling all sorts of interesting tasks… de-boning a chicken and making sushi with Dustin Holtzweiss Class of “02  or volunteering at a soup kitchen. We will also see the return of Eric Zeiner who was a recent artist in residence, who last year with the students made the beautiful sculpture on the stairwell of Gehring.


They will be venturing into the woods, for a little over a week of winter camping.

I got the opportunity to see them hard at work in the Field House, packing all their gear into their packs ready to go.

A view from the balcony


Miss Frailey was hard at work explaining the concept of layering to Lily.


The senior’s leave us and go to lands afar (and near),  to complete their indepentdent projects.

One of my favorite dinners of the year is when the seniors present to the staff in an informal setting of a scrummy dinner and we get to find out where  they went,  and what they did. Good luck ladies and gentlemen.

Any advise or memories from your Four Point you’d like to share…??

And as a sidenote….

As I am writing this in the lobby of Gehring  staff and students are busy making hearts to hang on the sculpture in the stair well of Gehring in celebration of Valentines Day ….. so love to all from all at Gould.

The Daviessssssss

Brilliant* : A word used very frequently by the British, in place of great, awesome, fantastic.





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  1. Avatar Alex Kerney says:

    Making a snow cave/trench on my solo that was so warm it rained inside, snuggling with Thunder, a sweet camp next to Frenchmans, tele skiing down Whitecap on snowshoes.

    • Avatar Chris D says:

      Hey Alex,
      It rained in your snow cave…! That’s crazy, I’ve never heard of that. I think I heard about the tele-skiing down Whitecap story.

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