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January 19, 2012

The Reach Out  group at Gould is a very active and passionate group of students and staff that raise money and awareness for all sorts of different charities.
Erin Parker, who works in the Admissions Dept and lives in the Davidson dorm, explained to us her involvement with the Reach Out program.

“REACHOUT has proven to be a great way for me to get more involved in working directly with students. Teaching students the value of looking beyond themselves is very rewarding work. Opening their eyes to the needs of others locally, nationally and internationally is what it’s all about.”

We also asked Courtney Colaluca ’13, what Reach Out meant to her.

“It’s more than just a fundraiser; I am involved in the whole process. We had the opportunity to go to the homeless shelter we would be donating to, meet the people, take a tour and seeing how I/we would be able to make a difference. Overall, I get many different opportunities to give back to my community directly. Community dinners once a month, or a toy fundraiser. It really is exciting to help out in the community I live in, but it’s an even greater experience when I get to directly see the difference made.”

You may have seen the Prayer Flags in the dining hall….. They were sold to students and staff at Gould, who then creatively designed and drew on them. They were then sewn onto tape and strung up for all to see. Becky Andreozzi explained to us the story behind the flags.

Flags in Ordway

“The peace flags made around International Peace Day, and the money  raised was used to help with the Darfur refugees still in camps. We are specifically purchasing solar cookers so that the women do not need to leave the camps to get the wood needed to cook. These women are being raped if they leave to get wood.”

Says it all











This past weekend girls and visiting boys were in Gehring tying blankets to go to an orphanage in Mexico. Becky explains more.

“Betsy (Paquette) Lamontagne used to work in admissions and contacted us to help with an orphanage in Juarez Mexico-a very violent city. The orphanage has 70 children. They are in desperate need of hats and blankets. The level of poverty and violence is horrific.”

Making blankets in front of the fire.

Reach Out meets nearly every Thursday evening to plan, plot and come up with ideas for more projects. This week they will be discussing ideas to raise money from Valentine’s Day …. If Hallmark can do it so can they….!
From a secret source I hear they are going bring the romance back to Valentine’s Day at Gould, and will be giving parents the opportunity to get involved.

I did get the opportunity to help this group in the fall, collecting recyclables in Bethel, and I know Helen helped with the Prayer Flags.

Helping is good, and everyone loves to “do good” right…?

Were you a Reach Out member? What was your favorite project? Did you continue to “Reach Out”??
Thanks Reach Out, for leading the way.

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