Random thoughts from Gould’s campus

January 11, 2011

OVERHEARD IN THE DINING HALL- (from a high honors student) No, it’s real!  I looked it up on Wikipedia and stuff!

I don’t have a solid topic for this week, and so I thought I’d share a few random thought swirling around in my head.  Feel free to share your thoughts with me; write them down on the back of a 20 dollar bill and drop them in my faculty room mailbox.

Random thoughts for this week:

  1. When I say that the spring musical will be The Sound Of Music, I’m kidding.  I’d rather eat lint than direct that campy piece of drivel.
  2. As much as I hate getting up early, I love the feeling of being up early.  It’s the quietest, simplest part of the day.
  3. I’m wondering why, for students,  I’m “Mr. Alford” and English is taught by “Mrs. Manning”, but the director of our dining services is “Brian.”
  4. Are there really students who think that it’s better to do 2 hours of study hall on a weekend night, rather than to stick their faces into the dining hall and get checked in for breakfast?
  5. I would love to watch Mr. Manning teach class after consuming an espresso.  I would actually pay money for that.
  6. To everyone that is stressed about being lost electronically due to the new Infoserver look, I offer you this piece of advice: Never paint your house a different color.  You may never find your way home.
  7. Gould Basketball may have lost last Friday, but I saw some really great things during the game.  Nate Brown, you are a master at getting position under the glass.  Keep it up!
  8. The Faculty Room in Hanscom is the funniest place on Earth.  I wish students could hear some of this.  No, wait…never mind…
  9. James Abbott finally figured out that if I see his hat on in Hanscom I’m going to take it away.  See? Education works!
  10. I’ve been at Gould for almost 20 years, and there are still places on campus that I’ve never seen.  The apartment above the art cottage?  Never seen it.
  11. The view from the roof of Hanscom is among the best in town, especially in October.  That said, students, STAY OFF THE ROOF!  I can’t even go up there anymore.
  12. I miss Mr. Wight almost every day.  Except that now I see him almost every day.  On campus.  It’s like he never left.  Never mind, I DON’T miss him.  He’s still here.
  13. Where is the SNOW????
  14. Erin Smith had her first code as a jacketed ski patroller last week.  GO 3508!
  15. The NFL playoffs are here, and that only means one thing:  Our son Ben gets emotionally invested in random teams.  Last weekend we were a Seahawks family.  Go figure…
  16. Where is Annie’s Glog from yesterday?  Annie, are you out there?????

That’s all for now.  Next week I’ll have a real topic.  Unless I don’t.

Me looking "thoughtful."


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