rainy mondays

March 29, 2010


I hope everyone’s had a smooth transition back to school
this week. I know I’m definitely missing spring vacation, especially since I spent the past ten days in Maui. The weather in Bethel right now, 38 and raining, isn’t quite comparable to the 85 degree and sunshine in Hawaii. However, it’s good to be back, and it’s really exciting that it’s spring here at the academy, and I know the weather will get better… soon.
The weekend here at school for me was pretty quiet, and most of us spent it relaxing and catching up on sleep. My rooommate and I went down to Old Port in Portland, and spent some time shopping which was a lot of fun. Throughout the weekend there were other trips to places such as Falmouth and Oxford. A lot of people also b
rought out lacrosse sticks and practiced on the turf when the weather was a bit nicer.
Spring sports are also starting up now which is very exciting. The boys team went down to NJ a week early to start their preseason and had a very successful trip, beating some of the best teams in the state. Women’s lacrosse too has a soli
d team, and we should be fairly successful this season. I just can’t wait until we can play on the field when it’s actually warm and sunny out.
I hope everyone has a good week and survives the awful weather!
here’s some motivation…
a picture of Maui

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