Quite a Week….

November 5, 2008

After temperatures dipped into the 30’s just a week ago, we have had unseasonably warm days, hitting the low 60’s……There is still snow at Sunday River, but not as much as last weekend. Hopefully we get some cold nights soon, so we can get on our “white-gold”.
I did bump into a “Texan” on the hill on Friday AKA Derek Allison….!!!


This week we also saw the the election of Barrack Obama, the first ever black president. We are truly, living history. Give it 50 years, and you’ll be amazed how many people will ask you about this week.

Did you vote?
What was it like?
Were you in high school?
Do you remember where you were?

So, cheerio to all others who lived history this week.
See if we can live some more before next week.
Add to the comments, is this the most historic moment you think you’ve lived through??

The Davies’s


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