October 14, 2010

So this week, we decided to be roving reporters and go out onto the streets…….. OK the campus, and ask some truly probing questions of the people we met on campus.

Random picture of Rainbow @ Gould

Favorite day in the Fall so far ?

Mountain day was the number one answer, although Peter Wu from Shanghai did say “Sept 22nd, as this was my first birthday in America”

Hardest class ?

The number one answers for this were Chemistry and and History.

Cats or dogs ?

Overwhelmingly dogs.

Easiest class ?

Julio from Madrid said Spanish

What new class would you like to see at Gould ?

Many different answers, Cooking for College, Surfing, Water aerobics, Surviving in a City 101, Paintballing.

Do you want to ask a Gouldie a question ? Go ahead leave a comment or send me the questions directly to me and we’ll do another Q & A Glog in a couple of weeks.

Perhaps the cooking for college has begun, as we found a couple of seniors in the basement of Gehring this evening cooking up a storm.  Gigi, Katy and Alli, were definitely using garlic as an ingredient, if you know what I mean…!?!?!

Katy, Gigi and Alli cooking italian

Until next week


The Davies’s


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