Quebec Sprint Course Construction

November 30, 2012

We started our recovery day with a short jog around the base of Stoneham, then bussed it into Quebec.

Jeremy and I headed straight for the World Cup course to check out the status of the construction.  For those of you who don’t know, the World Cup is making two stops in North America over the next two weeks: Quebec Dec. 7/8 and Canmore, AB Dec. 13-16.  Next weekend the Quebec sprints are at the heart of old city, right in the courtyard of the Quebec Parliament Building.  Here they are building a bridge over the driveway:

Looks like the building will be getting some decorations soon….

Here is Jeremy standing right in the middle of the course.  Jeremy… you’re about a week ahead of schedule!

There is advertising all over the city:

A map of the venue and course – we were a little curious about how exactly “Parcours” translates..

There were 4 snow guns on the course – the snow looked pretty thin to be having WC races there in 1 week, but word on the street is that snow will be trucked in from Mont St. Anne.  We ran into a film crew doing an ad for the event – not passing judgement, but it’s possible that they were blowing snow into the trees/onto the walls for effect….

It is a very cool spot, the whole course has a great view.  Putting a race in the courtyard of a 120+ year old building certainly has it’s challenges – we weren’t sure if they would be funneling the course through some narrow granite gates, or building snow up over them.

The Hilton, overlooking the plaza, is the host hotel.  Was it just us or were there a few extra BMWs buzzing around already?

Pop quiz – why is there a Gandhi Monument in the middle of the WC course?

We’re still working on a specific answer there… We also checked out our hotel for next weekend, the Hostel Internationale Quebec – it’s a pretty nice spot 1 block from the race, for $25/night breakfast and kitchen included!  Here is a team photo from the steps of the girls chalet.


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  1. Avatar tara says:

    looks like you’re having a great time. Awesome! BMA will be there next weekend also, see you there in red white and blue!!

    • Avatar Nick Kline says:

      Thanks Tara, can’t wait! It was fun to see that place under construction and imagine what it will be like next weekend.

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