Quebec, In Search of Winter.

April 10, 2016


With rumors of winter hanging on to our north, we loaded the crew into a van and started our journey to Quebec.  Excited by the presence of snow in Jackman, we stopped to enjoy an amazing sunset before we made our border crossing.  Our timing was perfect.


Greeted by Maurice, we arrive at Motel Chevalier late in the evening. Maurice doesn’t speak much English, but we’ve stayed here a few times before and he’s always happy to accommodate us.  It’s also nice to have a french speaking athlete!  Sam Moore, a New Brunswick native, was more than willing to communicate on behalf of our group.


Our first stop was Stoneham Mountain Resort.  The host of the most recent Canadian Open, we looked forward to lapping a great terrain park.  We were fortunate to have great spring weather and were stoked at the amount of snow still covering the ski area!  We had a blast to say the least..  Check out the boys in action in this great video Coach Rosenberg put together on our way home.

The next day we made time to enjoy a hearty breakfast at Cora, a local restaurant that offers breakfast and lunch.


Sweat and savory crepes, eggs, creton and fresh fruit filled us up and we set out for the streets.  Without much snow at home we decided to jump on the opportunity to do some urban skiing!

Red Ledges

Red Ledges is a famous urban location that has been visited by a long list of professional street skiers.  We found this feature during our trip to water-ramps in the fall and planned to come back when there was snow.  This was our chance and we made it happen.  Every one of the guys stepped up and slid the whole ledge!


Of course we capped off our day of skiing in the streets by exploring the old city…  We walked the busy streets of downtown but also made sure to stray from the beaten path to get a real taste of an authentic Quebec.


If you’re not familiar with Poutine, I’m sorry.  This may not be the most healthy meal, but it’s a Quebec staple and you should make sure to try it if you get the chance!  It consists of french fries and cheese curds smothered in gravy.  Each restaurant makes their own version of this dish and it can be argued who makes the best.  Ultimately it’s up to you to decide.  This poutine strays from the classic version and includes chicken and peas with a spicy gravy..


While our adventure wasn’t over, it was time to get down to business.  The last three days of our trip were spent at Les Ralais for the Step Up Tour.  This is an AFP Gold event and included a day of training and two days of competition.


Being a big time event, the course was real challenging, but the guys did a great job and had a blast throwing down!  Myles Barrett finished 3rd overall in the Junior Division.  Check his run out below!

George Menezes also made finals in the Amateur Division in the top 8!

These are just some of the highlights from another great trip..  Make sure to check out the rest of the photos from  the event!

Step Up Tour Photo Album!

Our season isn’t quite over, so stay tuned for the scoop on our trip to USASA National!


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