Quebec et neige

December 3, 2010

Last Friday I stepped out of a Gould white ‘marshmallow’ van into a snowy parking lot in Quebec. The rest of the crew (members of the Gould Nordic team) piled out, a snowball fight immediately ensued. Ahead of us were four days of skiing on Foret Montmorency’s gorgeous, snowy trails.

The trip was a blast. We skied for hours each day – both skate and classic, on groomed trails and fresh powder, up giant hills and back down again. After skiing we ate lots of food (our heart rate monitors accounted for about 1,000 calories burned for every two hours of skiing), napped, played ping-pong or pool, and then hit the trails again.

One night we drove to Quebec City. Molly Siegel and I showed people our favorite stores from last year (the team trip to Quebec is an annual event) – the Christmas shop that glows with hundreds of lights and shiny ornaments, the place that sells desserts made of maple syrup, the small store filled with fancy chocolates and hundreds of candies. The City rests on a hill, and we walked along the snowy stone wall that looks out over the St. Lawrence river and the valley.

Back at Gould now, I’m sorely missing the snow. Hope with me, and maybe we’ll get some here in the next week or so.

Alice H.


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