From Quanzhou to Beijing

March 24, 2016

Late Group Moves on to Beijing!

(Written by Ms. Andreozzi) All the groups started their day with a flight to Beijing. We all met in the Beijing Airport and it was fun to watch all the excitement as they hugged and briefly shared stories about the different cities they had all been visiting for the past week. The late group bid them all farewell and then started their Beijing adventure with Ms. Andreozzi and Mr. Penley.

We “speed walked” and jumped on the subway to get to the restaurant for our incredible hot pot meal. They were all hovering around Mr. Penley with questions and excitement for the days ahead in Beijing! The night ended with a walk through the Night Market to try all sorts of unusual foods on a stick. The favorites were the sugar coated fruit which beat the starfish and scorpion hands down!

(Click on the photo below to view our slideshow of pictures)


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