Quanzhou: Delegation of Gould Academy

March 18, 2016

Warmly Welcome to the Delegation of Gould Academy!

Our group is complete! This morning our Quanzhou group of Gould students grew from 7 to 10 with the arrival of the late arrival students. They arrived in Beijing, spent the night, and took that 6:45am flight from Beijing to Quanzhou. Do you think they’re tired? There should be a different word for tired when it comes with jet-lag and culture shock.

The whole group did great, however, when they were invited to paint traditional Chinese Opera masks with their Chinese classmates. Even Mr. Penley and I were able to get in on the painting fun.

Eddie's mask

Eddie’s mask

Sophie painting her mask

Sophie painting her mask

Maddie's mask

Maddie’s mask

Sophie's mask and host

Sophie’s mask and host

Nice painting, ladies!

Nice painting, ladies!

Haglis's mask

Haglis’s mask

Annie's mask

Annie’s mask

Ms. Wilkerson's mask

Ms. Wilkerson’s mask

After some time at school and lunch with their hosts, we met again to visit an old part of Quanzhou.

Wilkerson Qunzhou China 2016 group

The final activity of the day was a banquet dinner where we read the message, “Warmly Welcome to the Delegation of Gould Academy” in bright lights on the outside of the hotel.  We had dinner together while teachers of English, dance, calligraphy, and music entertained us.



Wilkerson Quanzhou China 2016 boy table

Wilkerson Quanzhou China 2016 girl table

Wilkerson Quanzhou China 2016 banner

Wilkerson Quanzhou China 2016 delegation of

Tomorrow, Saturday, our Gould students will be together with each other and their hosts for shopping and a movie, after a generous sleep-in. I know a sleep-in will be welcomed by all.

Fun fact- our last full day in Beijing, we walked about 13 miles.


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