Quanzhou – Day 2

March 20, 2015

What a great looking group!

Our BIG DAY had an auspicious start as we all met up first thing in the morning to swap stories and every single student reported feeling great! The students and their hosts have banded together in fine fashion as most of our activities have been done in the company of our Chinese hosts.  Following a meeting with Mr. Wang, the Principal of the Fujian Quanzhou Foreign Language Middle School, we went to the all school assembly and in front of 3000 students and 250 faculty members, we introduced Gould Academy and each of our students took the microphone to introduce themselves.  Alex stole the show as he led all 3000 students and even Mr. Wang in a verse of a popular Chinese pop song! Next came Chinese culture class where we learned about tea, porcelain, and Chinese opera and then each of our students spent 20 minutes signing autographs and meeting and greeting the 60 or so students in the class.  Following the school tour came basketball, soccer, and then lunch – all our students went out on the town with their hosts and enjoyed Hong Kong delicacies, Fujian Hot Pot, and who can forget… the bubble tea! The afternoon saw us taking a bus to the Min Taiyuan Museum for an overview of Fujian history and its link to Taiwanese culture.  As it was a beautiful day in the 70s, we decided to go to the West Lake Park and circumnavigated the lake.  Madeleine was spotted strolling arm in arm with her host Vicki; all the boys were amazed by the magic tricks of George’s host, Aidan… The dinner banquet in the Lakeview hotel ballroom saw gifts exchanged between the schools, a beautiful pipa recital (a traditional Chinese instrument akin to an Indian Sitar), a fujian kung fu demonstration, a calligraphy demonstration, and more than 10 courses of food brought to our tables for over two hours.  We enjoyed sea worms, chicken feet, wonderful fish and shellfish stews, as well as taro, Japanese tofu, and a variety of other fruits and vegetables!

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The students have dispersed for the weekend and will be touring the region with their host families.  Check back on Monday when we’ll report on the weekends activities!!

– Adam A. Leff



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