Quanzhou: Beach Day? Skip to Plan B

March 23, 2016

Rain, Rain…

(Written by Ms. Wilkerson) It rains in Quanzhou in March. We’re learning that it can rain a lot! Though today was the most rainy day we’ve had, it didn’t dampen our fun!

Our hosts made a wonderful “plan B” for the morning. After a short bus ride we walked down a nondescript street and into an ally to the 6 Arts Academy. It’s a small art studio and make-shift gallery. In a busy city, 6 Arts Academy is an oasis of calm. We were first treated to tea around an open fire, then we were serenaded by the owner playing traditional Chinese instruments.

Some students practiced pottery, some made small terrariums, and some relaxed around the fire with a cup of tea. Speaking for myself and guessing by the faces of our students, it was a welcome change.

Before leaving the gallery we ate a snack of sweet potatoes roasted on the open fire.

After lunch we met again and traveled to Qingyuan Mountain to see Lao Jun, a very large Daoist sculpture. While there, a reporter joined us and asked about our travels in Quanzhou. She interviewed Colin and me, as well as Eddie and Emily. Americans turn heads in this town, unlike in the bigger cities.

Apparently, from Qingyuan Mountain, you can see all of Quanzhou. Today the fog was so thick that we could only see the trees and lake right in front of us. The weather and the hike added incredible positive energy to the group. A traditional cup of tea warmed and refreshed us before we hiked back down.

Today was our last day in Quanzhou. Tomorrow the school will treat us to a farewell ceremony before bringing us to the airport.

This group of 10 students have been such great travelers and wonderful guests. Colin and I are happy to have had the opportunity to travel with them and to get to know them in this unique situation. Bravo, Gould Academy Class of 2019!​


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