March 12, 2008

Here is a little taster from my world, the one of competitive snowboarding. This time of year is very stressful for the coaches and athletes on the snowboard team. We’re all waiting for numbers to come through from the USASA (United States Amateur Snowboard Association) these number are the caps for the competition groups. From this we can work out where our athletes are in the National rankings , and if they have secured a place at the National Championships, in Copper Colorado.

The Maine Series, which we compete in is a pretty strong series, probably in the top 10 of the 36 series in the country. Which means in most cases we will be looking for top 10 places or better when we travel to Copper.

The added stress is that the last results are posted on the 10th of March, with the event beginning on the 29th. Accommodation sells out pretty fast on the 30th…..!!!
This season was pretty successful with 9 riders, from the full time team qualifying to compete in Slalom, GS, Boardecross, Slopestyle and Halfpipe. Unfortunately one rider will not be attending due to injury, but the rest will be riding their hardest against other amateurs from around the country.
The pictures, from top to bottom are.
Robbie Moulton qualified for Slopestyle, Kyle Dorfman Slopestyle and Halfpipe, and John Chapman Boardercross with coach Lynch.

Chris & Helen Davies


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