Props to the Senior Cooking Crew

November 22, 2015

On our trip this year, our three seniors (Leela Hornbach, Andrew Siegel, and Caleb Clarke) made a stellar cooking crew, cooking most excellent dinners all seven nights.  Over dinner tonight, we had a discussion of what was the best meal of the week.  Some of the kids thought the quesadillas, others thought the burritos, the pasta, or the bacon Mac and cheese.  Personally, I thought they were all great, and like children you don’t want to pick favorites.  The cooks labored over the hot stoves (yes there were 2, along with 2 fridges) from about 5:00-6:30 every night.  A few other highlights were the olive oil with garlic dipping sauce, the pesto sauce, the pizza, and the home-made garlic bread.  You can see we all ate very well!  The pictures show some of our dinners and the cooks in action.  The rest of the kids chipped in with doing dishes.  We had three dish crews of four kids each and they each did dishes one day a week.  Thanks to Chaia for her innovative dish schedule.  table


Brad Clarke
Dr. Clarke is the Associate Dean of Academics and History Department Chair at Gould. He loves his family, trail running, playing baseball, and his epic collection of vinyl records.

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