Presenting “Lucky Stiff”…and Some Bittersweet Memories

May 27, 2013

Husky Nation!

It is a bitter, bittersweet moment to share with you the last Gould production I will ever partake in. But, with joy, I report that this past weekend’s production of Lucky Stiff was a smashing success!


Let me begin by thanking all of those who came to the show! We had many, many Gould students and faculty in attendance as well as valued members of our surrounding Bethel community. We were also blessed by the presence of many families from far and wide: I was so happy to see my own Mother and Grandmother, who traveled all the way from my native NYC. There were many families at the show, some from all over the country (one Mother flew all the way from Memphis!), and their presence was greatly appreciated.

That being said, I couldn’t have been prouder of my fellow cast and crew. From Blake’s (’13) astounding presence in his role of Mr. Witherspoon and Paige’s (’15) heart-touching rendition of Annabel Glick, to Madison’s (’14) hysterical portrayal of Dominique of ‘Fwance’, this cast is something spectacular. I really enjoyed spending my final weeks at the Academy getting to know every single one of them, and, of course, working alongside my best friend, Nika (’14).


I want to give a special shoutout to this fine young lady, who I’ve watched blossom on the stage since she was a wee freshman back in the day (just kidding, you weren’t so young, but I DID watch you grow all these years). It has been such a journey working closely with her, and if any of you have seen past productions, you know that we are prone to share a special role on stage. I can’t imagine having done these productions with anyone else, and I’m so very proud of you Nika – I know you will lead the cast next year, and I can’t wait to see where you go from here. Love you, girl!


You see, I have been in the Drama and Spring Musical program every term since I’ve been at Gould. That’s why this is a little touchy for me, writing about it now, when there are only twelve days until graduation. For me, performing arts has been a passion that I’ve developed at the Academy. I first came here as a sophomore, with experience in amateur musicals (the good ol’ Disney’s and other children’s favorites). I walked into Fall Drama in 2010 pretty sure of myself and who I was: but I can assure you, I have changed a lot since then. Ms. Jenny Cooper, one of the most talented musicians and instructors I have ever met, taught me what it meant to command a stage that fall. Mr. Alford, as I mentioned last week, shared his passion for musical theater with me in Godspell, where I experienced the intricate teamwork it takes to produce such a show.  In short, I owe my passion to this wonderful program where I was able to find more about myself outside of the classroom: where I feel I have made a positive contribution and can truly smile about.

In a little under  two weeks, I will be making my final ‘curtain call’ here at the Academy when I walk across that graduation stage, but I wanted to take this moment to acknowledge what a strong role the performing arts department has played in this culmination of my hard work. I really couldn’t have had a better experience thanks to GA performing arts, and it is with great affection that I remember this wonderful program.

Last Year’s Production of The Sound of Music

Godspell – 2011



Godspell Ensemble – 2011


Voices in Conflict – Fall 2011


Voices in Conflict – Fall 2011

Nightfall, Edgar Allen Poe – Fall 2010


Nightfall – Drama 2010

So, Huskies, here we are: the final week of high school. For me, anyways! With the Spring Musical behind me, it’s time to finish up strong and reflect on all that I have accomplished here in my three years. My heart is heavy ~ but in a good way. I can’t wait to take the stage once more, next year, at The University of Florida. So, stay tuned, as they say!

Once again, congratulations to all of Lucky Stiff‘s cast and crew, and enjoy your last weeks at the Academy.


Zee Krstic


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  1. Avatar Nancy says:

    Have enjoyed your blog, Zee and all your performances at Gould. Lucky Stiff was wonderful!! Congratulations to everyone involved for an awesome performance. Really enjoyed it.

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