Prepare Ye (for the spring musical!)

May 12, 2011

I know, it’s not Tuesday anymore.  It’s Wednesday (ok, now Thursday) and my glog is late.

I’ve been busy.  Not just boarding school-everything-happens-at-once-busy, but really busy.  I’m walking around with that telephone beep-beep-beep in my ear all the time.  This is the week something really big happens at Gould.  I looked in front of Bingham Hall this morning, and the azaleas are blooming.


I know exactly what you are thinking: “There are azaleas in front of Bingham?”  The answer is yes, those big green things that students walk between every morning for assembly are, in fact, bushes.  And every May they burst into flower with gorgeous, pink blossoms.  The timing is amazing, and I wonder every year how the flowers know to come out at exactly the right time: after the snow has gone!

No, really, what I mean is that the flowers appear during the week of the spring musical.  Every year, without fail.  We even changed the week of the show this year, and the flowers WAITED for us.  This year students have spent the spring signing, acting, dancing, and preparing in all ways for our production of “Godspell”.  I was worried in March that I might not get eight actors for this show.

I got fourteen, and they are GREAT!

The “run” of the show (okay, maybe it’s more like a 10-yard sprint) is 2 performances, on Thursday (today!) and Saturday at 7:30.  Please come!  The energy will be infectious!!

And the azalea bushes are waiting for you.



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  1. Avatar Kelsey says:

    Jefe! The azaleas always bloom at the perfect time 🙂

  2. Avatar Luis Rosado says:

    Best of luck and please post pictures of the performance on future GLOGs. Thanks.

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