Pre-Season Rail Jam at Lost Valley

October 25, 2013


September marks the emergence of Pre-Season Rail Jams.  It’s not quite cold enough to make snow, but like anxious young freeskiers, a handful of ski areas and shops go the extra mile to make something out of nothing. Lost Valley Ski Area in Auburn hosted their first rail Jam on September 27, and the boys from Gould made sure to be their to enjoy the fun.


You may be asking yourself where the snow comes from.. Keep an eye on the back parking lot of your local ice rink next time you drive by. The rinks without a melt pit dump their ice shavings outside. If you’ve got a truck and some people motivated to make things happen, this is what the result can look like!


Charlie Dayton getting some on the flat bar.


Will Halper getting the shot of Tim Stangel.


Jay Wilder throwing down.


Lucien Sulloway couldn’t get enough.


Will Harvey having some fun.


Emmitt Dorval-Hall figured it all out.


Gould Alum George Merrill now attends Bates College, but he’s still ready for ski season and came to get into it!


You never know where things are going to go at these types of events..  Check out where Riley, Tim and Jay took things.

Will Halper had to nurse a knee injury from this past summer and couldn’t ski, but he wanted to come and be a part of the excitement, so he spent the day behind the camera.  Check out what he put together from the day.

Needless to say, everyone had an awesome time!  A big “Thank You” to Lost Valley for putting in the work and making this happen!


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