Pre-season for Snowboarders

October 8, 2012

What does pre-season look like for snowboarders at Gould Academy?

Well, due to the fact that we follow a somewhat of a traditional sports schedule here, that includes soccer, cross-country and field-hockey. We also compete (very well, I may add) in mountain biking, golf and equestrian. So all the riders get a lot of opportunity to stay fit and healthy. But how does that relate to snowboarding ?

Well on top of any sport that you may be involved in at Gould, the competitive on-snow athletes do supplemental training, which includes, weight training, plyometrics, aerobics, flexibility, trampolining and cross-fit. During the week, blocks of time are set aside, and the athletes can work with a coach in our extensive facilities.


The snowboarders also spend a lot of the their “spare” time in one of our two skate parks, in our Farnsworth Field House.

“So what does it look like…..?”

Let’s take PJ Steber for example. PJ is primarily a Boardercross  racer, and a senior at Gould. He has competed at USSA Rev Tour events and Holeshot, and intends to do the same again this year.

PJ plays soccer five afternoons a week, and works out in the gym twice a week, and also trains on the trampoline at least one night a week, and will soon be doing yoga. I know he also skates as much as he can. This is pretty typical for all the snowboarders on the team and really preps them for the coming season.

Preparation is essential, and makes the execution of task that much easier.

Chris D


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