Poutine and Cold Water – A story from Noah Grammas.

November 29, 2015

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The Freestyle team went to Quebec water ramps! The crew consisted of Matt Chiasson, Skyler Devoe, Sam Moore, Molly Lento, Myles Barrett, Aidan Ryan, Elijah Grammas, Izzy Layman, and myself Noah Grammas. Coaches Rory Flynn and John Kimble took us for a few day excursion to Acrobatx in Quebec Canada to do some pre-season jumping. It being September, the likeliness of the freestyle team being on hill is low so we drove up north to do some training. We had three solid days of throwing some old and some new tricks into a giant pool. How could that not be fun?

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Heres a picture of myself warming up on the tramps with a flat three. This is how we passed the time after eating a fat breakfast and before heading for the jump. Also a perfect way to practice our tricks and develop some air awareness before taking it to the pool.

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Molly Lento, a mogul skiing athlete, sending a large and in charge backflip on the big air jump. Her flips improved a dramatic amount through this trip and she hopes to bring them to snow this upcoming season.

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Matt Chiasson, a slope style athlete, flaunting his cross eyed talent before tipping into the big air kicker and proving that his rodeo fives are ready for snow.

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Another picture of Matt Chiasson but this time showing off his tweaked method grab throughout his entire cork 7 rotation.

To see some more photos of everyone in the air and chilling around the ramp click this link:

Ramps 2015

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Although we did spend a lot of time on the water ramps, we also explored the beautiful sights that Quebec has to offer. The teams favorite was this giant waterfall that we discovered while driving back to our basecamp. Here’s a picture of myself taking a picture of Myles and Aiden anxious to get a closer look.

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Coach Rory Flynn and Izzy Laymen showing their enthusiasm as they start the climb to the very top of the waterfall. A tiring but well worth it walk up a ridiculous amount of stairs.

To check out some more waterfall photos click this link :

Quebec Waterfall 2015

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While adventuring through a section of Quebec, we were lucky to run into a rather famous street skiing spot known as Red Ledges. Very cool to see a spot that we all saw in ski movies while growing up.

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Coach John Kimble and Coach Rory Flynn having a dandy of a time watching over the kids try new tricks and once in while, smack their faces.


A picture of the team overlooking Quebec city while we visited Old town. We roamed in search for the best poutine in town. The delicious gravy covered fries was well worth the unpleasant stomach pains later that night.

To get a better idea of what our trip was like, check out this video of the whole team jumping!


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