Portland, Maine Go Skateboard Day 2012

June 25, 2012

Go Skate Day Portland, Maine 2012 was a huge success.  A local newspaper reporter told me that there were more people attending than at the grand opening of the skatepark.  Go figure.  The Gould Academy skateboard program gave away ten decks.  Bump Skateboards threw down a couple hundred bucks for best tricks.  Backwoods Snowboards and Skateboards and Erik Peterson gave out a load of t-shirts.

Check out the article in the Portland Press Herald .

It was great to have the co-sponsorship of the Portland Recreation Department.  This event was the brain child of Chris Peterson and Elijah Akerley.  It was amazing to see all the Monges and Dirty Dave drive up from New Jersey and all the skaters come in from all over Maine.  EyeNine rapped hard and was out.  The Ear Bleeds played hard considering all the limits we put on them.  Good times.


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