Polar Bears

May 12, 2008

Well another week has gone by, and that means that we’re one more week closer to Graduation! It’s pretty exciting to see it coming up and this spring has gone by so fast so far.
This glog is dedicated to one of the things so special about the spring, the Polar Bear Club. Pete “Cold” Rackliffe is the head polar bear and leads students through the task of trying to make it the whole year and become a polar bear. Every Tuesday and Friday, students arrive at the bell tower at 6:00 am and hop on a bus that takes them to a swimming area. This starts as soon as Songo Pond is clear of ice and continues all the way through until Graduation. So every Tuesday and Friday, the polar bears have to go into the water and dunk their head and then come back out, sometimes Pete will call a double-dip, in which you need to go in again. The hard part is that if you miss the bus one morning, then you are out, you can’t continue trying to be a polar bear. So the challenge is to be on time every morning and to go swimming every time for the whole year, and then you are recognized as a polar bear. This happens every year, so some people are able to become 4-year polar bears, where they have not missed a single polar bears in 4 years. As of right now, I am on the way to being a four year polar bear, along with Abbie “Blue eyes” Cummings and Seamus “Shay mooski” Reynolds, lets hope I didn’t jinx us all.
Polar bears kind of had a late start this year with the huge amount of snow and ice on Songo Pond. However, there was the biggest turnout for that first time that I’ve ever seen, so large that another bus was needed to bring us all to the Pond. A few have been weeded out so far and it keeps getting a little bit smaller and smaller. We’ve even moved away from Songo Pond, and have starting touring the swimming spots around Bethel, like the Covered Bridge last week.
Some say that they like to sleep too much to do polar bears, and some say that they hate cold water, but all the people that actually follow through with it find that they look forward to waking up at the crack of dawn adn jumping in cold water, as strange as it might sound. For me, I don’t think I really have a choice anymore, I’ve been going for so long that it would be a shame to give up now, but I really do enjoy polar bears, so heres to our white furry cold friends and heres to Pete “Chief of Polar Bears” Rackiffe.


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  1. Avatar newyearsdipper says:

    Go Polar Bears! (…it’s our very favorite school sport!)Rah Rah Rah! Congrats to the regulars from the Ledgepile (a couple of the polar bears have swum here in the winter…)

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