Poise in front of the camera

January 17, 2011

I’ve had the opportunity to work with students and the media a number of times while at Gould. I’m always proudly amazed at how well our students perform.

Answering questions with a microphone propped in front of you, a camera lens focused on your face, or while a journalist scribbles every word you say onto a notepad can be a very unnatural feeling. Like anything else, reaching a level of comfort with it takes time and practice.

Nevertheless, during the interviews I have been a part of, I’ve noticed our students have been naturals – calm, collected, thoughtfully themselves as evident by this photo of Casey ’11 below.

Casey '11 talks to Bill Green of WCSH-6 about working with Maine Handicapped Skiing this winter.

A couple weeks ago WCSH-6 journalist Bill Green visited Sunday River to talk with Maine Handicapped Skiing and few of our students who are working with the program this winter. The story will be featured tonight on WCSH-6 evening news at 6pm – part of the Green Outdoors segment.   Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to be there for this particular press event (thank you to fellow communications office mate Mr. MacKnight for being there and snapping this photo!).

Enjoy the news clip.


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