February 11, 2011

Every spare minute of these past few weeks, I have been planning for spring break. School’s off for a month and I’m going to make the best of it. But how? Right now I’m trying to sort through all of my ideas – Acadia National Park, the Adirondacks, North Carolina, West Yellowstone…I want to do it all!

I know some students who use this break to just relax. But that doesn’t do it for me. I have ski races throughout break, but I’ve been racing all winter. I need something new. Something exciting. I’ve got this feeling in my gut, like I’ve been standing in line for way too long, but now – Ha! Now, it’s my turn. Bring it on.

You may know this, but last summer I took a backpacking course with the National Outdoor Leadership School. Katie, one of my instructors told me about some of the adventures that she’d had – biking the entire length of South America, skiing for days in Yellowstone, crazy tandem bike riding centuries. Jeremy Nellis, nordic ski coach at Gould, has told me about hiking, mountaineering, climbing, and paddling trips he’s done.

I love hearing about adventures, and luckily there’s a ton of people on Gould campus who have great stories. My hunger for adventure seems insatiable, and listening to others’ accounts makes it grow. Where does this feeling come from? Why do we humans have this need for wild and thrilling things? I’m not sure…but I like it.

If you see me around campus with a glazed look in my eye, or you try to talk to me and I don’t hear, I apologize. I’ll probably be imagining I’m walking the frozen shoreline of a beach in Acadia, skiing under the stars in Yellowstone, or the freezing in the wind on top of a peak in the Dacks. Let’s make some plans.


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