Planning for Long Weekend

September 24, 2015

Today in advisory time the question of what everyone is doing for the Long Weekend (October 18-21) was raised.  Many students had “no idea,” while others have plans made or in progress.

The Gould dorms will be open for the long weekend.  International students will be allowed to stay in their rooms for a small fee ($30-$35 per night).  They will be supervised by adults on campus and a day trip to Portland for shopping and eating will be offered on Monday (October 19).  The dining hall will not be open during this time and students will have the opportunity to eat downtown or buy food and prepare it in the dormitory kitchens.

My hope is that all international students will have the opportunity to spend time in an American home during their tenure at Gould.  This cultural experience is important for a more complete understanding and it provides the opportunity for true language immersion.  Besides all that, it can be very fun and create opportunities to leave Bethel and travel around the country.

Those students making other plans for the Long Weekend should know that an adult (21 years or older) needs to take responsibility for them during their time away from campus.  Students are not allowed to stay in hotels without an adult except in rare cases involving challenging travel plans (and approved by the dean of students).

When plans are finalized for the weekend they should be shared with advisors and me (  Permissions to travel and invitations to host must be given, as well.

Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact advisors or me!



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