Planning for international travel

December 8, 2013

Scavenger Hunt

When I share with people that I take 9th graders to Tanzania, I often notice this look of astonishment and wonder. So many people tend to talk about places in Africa with a continental mindset and so the image of all of Africa pops into their head. Planning to travel to Tanzania builds out just like any other international travel piece–which most all start with paperwork. Un-glorious, detail specific, and time sensitive paperwork. Students are pulled along in this process and begin to learn the stages of trip planning, which hopefully give them a small insight into the elements needed as they plan a future international trip independently.

Monday morning we will gather the students for visa pictures and then meet with them Tuesday night for 30 minutes after formal dinner. This meeting will frame the larger purpose and history of Gould’s commitment to this full class experience.

On the flip side, I have put together a scavenger hunt based on their itinerary. I welcome you to do it as well so that you can help talk to them about the trip and help them develop a stronger foundational knowledge.


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