November 17, 2008


It was another exciting week at the academy. The annual trip to the Portland Pirates was Saturday and it was a blast as usual. On the way down to the game I ordered pizza from Anthony’s Italian Kitchen and picked it up when we arrived. If anyone is in the Portland area please go visit Anthony’s on Middle St. for some exquisite Italian food. If you are into dinner theater they have that too. 
The Pirates did not score first, but ended up winning 5-2. At the beginning of the game it was announced that if the Pirates scored 5 goals everyone would get coupons for free fries from McDonalds’. I was skeptical because 5 goals is a lot in hockey, but they pulled it off. The Final goal was a beautiful one timer cross in a scuffle in front of the net. 
Sunday did not prove to be as exciting as the game, but it was a very important day for all students. From 2-4 in the afternoon all teachers were in Ordway dinning hall available for help for the up coming exams. Brain and the kitchen staff provided delicious snacks, while the teachers provided excellent help. 
I wish everyone luck with the exams and have a great week.
Until next time,
Tom Duggan

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