Pig Exclusive

April 12, 2012

Imagine my surprise when I read the Glog today, and I see no sign of the news of the hour. 13 new additions to Gould Academy’s Farm and Forest program.

The Barn....


The are a couple of piglets that are very multi-colored,  a cool orange one, and one that looks like an Oriole…!!

At dinner I spoke with Tracey Wilkerson, the Director of the Farm and Forest  program and asked her for some sounds bites for the Glog.

The proud mom, "MaryAnn" the next day

Tracey told me that the “time for all 13 piglets to be born, was a total duration of 3hrs. 7pm until 10pm” When asked if she had any help ? “Marguerite Wiser ’12 was great, washing the newborns, as soon as I handed them over”

“What about spectators..?” ”

“Yes there was a steady stream of Gould students and other youngsters”


“Yeah, lots of  ooohs… and aaahs….. with the occasional eeeeewww…..! and uurrggghh…!”

” I heard there was a gymnastic piglet..?”

“Yup…landed right on his feet, pretty impressive, the crowd went wild….!! I heard someone shout STOMPED IT….!”

Most of the little guys, trying to get warm..


So the miracle of life is alive and kicking at Gould, and I hear there are some lambs on the way. I just hope it’s on a Weds…!

All the Best

The Davies’s’s’s’s


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  1. Avatar Tracey says:

    Slight correction from the farmer… Marguerite was the FIRST person to put hands on the little buggers. She was right in there wiping slime away from their snouts and rubbing them clean. She’s our Farm Proctor this year, and she does an EXCELLENT job!

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