Pictures in the Fog

December 17, 2009

So it got pretty cold up here in Bethel, 9 degrees, and colder when the wind blows, which seems to be all the time.….!
Other than being on the hill, not much else has happened in my world this week. I’m on duty right now, and all is quiet, but at 9.30pm we are doing dorm snacks. Turkey sandwiches…..
I know we just had turkey for Thanksgiving, but in the UK that’s our Holiday meat. So to keep up the festivities before the boys go away. TURKEY it is.
Thanks to Helen for cooking and cutting 4 birds.

Until then take a look at some pictures Cole Schreiber took on Tuesday in the fog.
From left to right. We have Coach Eric Breton, Eric Eramo ’10 and Jack Alosa ’12

Until next week
The Davies


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