Physics Day

May 15, 2015

Physics day is basically when about half the school, (the kids who are taking freshman physics, senior physics, calculus, or biology), go to Funtown Splashtown in Saco, Maine and ride roller coasters do a couple worksheets. Before I talk about Physics day, let me just say that my day started off at 5:45 am when Mr. Leach woke us up to play a quick lacrosse scrimmage before breakfast. Alright back to physics day. Physics students calculated velocity, momentum, and force of the roller coasters, Biology students took heart rates before and after going on the roller coasters, and Calculus students looked at the wavelengths of the roller coasters as well as some other confusing stuff that I didn’t try to understand. And the teachers? They also went on rides but were excused from class work today. Here’s Mr. Riley waving and Brucie flexing his guns:

photo 2


This was right before going on the “Dragon’s Descent” which was basically a drop tower, and had this amazing view:

photo 1

And here’s the Liam Maguire and Alex Kim right before going on the super sketchy wooden roller coaster:

photo 3

Physics day was awesome, and we got to miss class which made it 10x better. Also a fun fact: 55% of Gould went to physics day!


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