For one senior, photography makes a great Four Point project.

October 24, 2011

Who doesn’t love a great photo? There is often more to a photo than upon first glance and certainly more if you’re excited about photography and the editing process.

Last week during one of our morning assemblies, our own Aaron Mason presented on his senior Four Point project, a digital photography and editing course he took through Maine Media Worskhops in Rockport, ME. He was part of the Young Digital Photographers Program.

At assembly, Aaron explained some of the thought that went into the photos he shot and edited over the course of the workshop this past summer. A number of these photos are included in the slide show below embedded from his Flickr page.

“The goal of the course was to become familiar and effective at using digital cameras and editing software to create the best photos possible,” said Aaron. “I had a jump on the rest of my small six person class after taking a digital photography class with Mr. MacKnight during my junior spring.”

Part of the senior point independent project experience is the self-reflection that comes with pursuing something you love. Often, you learn something new about yourself and your relationship with that passion.

Through his project, Aaron quickly learned that it wasn’t necessarily lining up a shot through the viewfinder that he loved about photography.

“I discovered that I love editing photos (possibly more then taking them),” he said. “Through my interest in editing, I dove much deeper into photoshop then the rest of the class. I was already familiar with the basics, and used this great opportunity to learn about many of the quirky tools that Photoshop has available.”

For Aaron, photography will continue to play a role in his life and potentially in his coursework in college.

“Photography is definitely something I have an interest for, and could easily find its way into my college experience. I presume this might be in the form of a club or possibly a minor.”


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