Peace, Lax, and Writing Center

September 24, 2007

Welcome Back to Monday ladies and gentlemen, I’m back, and with much to tell. The week was pretty hard class-wise, quite a few tests and projects getting handed out. It’s going to keep looking like that too I guess, I’ve got a presentation on the province of Valencia today in my Spanish 4 class. That’s just the way the Mercedes bends though!

On Friday, it was National Peace One day, and in celebration we had an all school sit down lunch. Michaela Cummings and Tom Duggan went to the Seeds of Peace camp this summer, which is a place where people from both sides of areas of conflict come to camp together, and they showed some pictures from the camp. Also, every person got a little make it yourself kit for a pin wheel, and the whole school made them. We wrote our own thoughts on peace and then stuck them all out on the front lawn of Gehring. They are now all stuck in so that they spell ‘O8, just how it should be.

I’ve been pretty much at a constant state of sore lately. It feels great. I’m doing the brand new Physical Conditioning for a fall afternoon activity and I’m certainly feeling it. Coach Jake “The Freight Train” Stevens really knows how to make you work hard, but it’s a good hurt, it hurts so good. I’d say I’m almost at the peak of my SPEEDBALL career thanks to Physical Conditioning.

I made a college visit this weekend, I went down to the University of New Hampshire and saw my brother Finn, class of ‘O5, who’s a junior there this year and still loving it. At 6 o’clock on Sunday night, the staunch and true men of Gould Academy gathered for a pick-up game of Lacrosse. There was a good source of new talent on the team this year, and some returning players even seem better. We had a good turnout and played some 7 on 7, some expert players and even some never-evers. I don’t want to jinx anything, but it looks like we should shape up into a good team this year. It was a great day to be a Husky.

Tomorrow, I believe that we’re starting up the writing center, the place where people can bring a piece of writing and get a tutor to look at it. We had a meeting on Thursday with cookies, and I got assigned the 8-9 shift on Monday, so come on up then if you want to me to read what you wrote.

So another crazy week comes to an end and the beginning of another starts. This ones especially crazy for me, because I’m having surgery down in Portland on Thursday. I broke my ankle in 4 or 5 places last February and had to have surgery, so I’m getting all the hardware out of me this time, which should be fun! Other than that, rumors are still flying around about Mountain Day, but they are just rumors. We’ll see, but I’ll be back next week, so keep reading and post comments! I think it’s fun to see what other people think about what I think, so think about it!

Mr. Monday, signing out.


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    Love it! Thanks. Ned Robertson ’68

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