Peace In Chaos

April 28, 2014

My Dearest Gloggies,


I’m sorry for not posting in so long but this spring term has been craaaazzzzzyyyy! Which is exactly my motive for this glog. As we go through midterms this week and AP Exams during the next two weeks it is so important to make time for yourself. And no I do not mean more time spent on that presentation or cramming for that test on Mexico’s politics, but real time for YOU!

Something I’ve learned here at Gould is how to listen to myself. I know when I need to call it quits at night even when I have a few pages of reading left, or when I should take an extra nap or go out for tea with my roommates. I’ve learned that sometimes it is the break that is more important than the work (I’m sorry teachers!)

Everybody has a different way to recharge and I believe that knowing what that is for you is the best thing during stressful times. For me it’s getting out on the cross-country and mountain bike trails and running off the frustration/worry/fear. The timing of midterms (although I wish they never happened) could not be better! This past week the trails have started melting and drying and are in great shape! (despite the few patches of snow and mud) And just in the past 4 days I’ve found myself taking a running break any time I can. Not only do I de-stress out there, but I usually come up with some genius idea or epiphany about something I’m working on in class (see teachers? taking a break can actually help your students!)

So, Students, I’m addressing you when I say this: go out and find you place of peace or happiness, and recharge because this week is going to be a chaotic one! 🙂


The best of luck!



[psssst! parents: if you send care-packages, now would be a great time! 😉 i promise you, your student is working their butt off this week ]


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