February 17, 2016

We are often spending time waiting for the next event, the next season or sport, the next class. Time waiting in the lunch line, to cross the street, or to get on off the bus. This is precious time that we will never get back. As you see people rush to be the first one to lunch or to get there skis, thinking that it will speed up the process. When in reality time continues to move at the same pace regardless to how fast you move. Being the first one off the bus gives you no advantage over the last person off the bus. Getting out of assembly faster, only means that you get to stand outside of your first class longer waiting for your teacher to come and unlock the door. As long as moments of time are given to you, they are being spent. How fast you move through life will not decide how much more time you get. For patience is key. When a teacher is explaining directions, don’t be so focused on learning your groups first that you end up missing the instruction. Have patience. Don’t jump the rope at the lift line just to be told to go to the back. Show patience. This can be a challenging skill when we want to be the first or accomplish a task the fastest. However patience is something that will take you far in life.

So, while I am patiently awaiting warmer spring months I am going to finish with a call to all those in the Gould community who cycle to come join the team.


Loudon Motor Speedway





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