Edison Quinatoa: Passion for the Performing Arts

November 24, 2016

Faculty Spotlight:
Performing Arts Teacher, Edison Quinatoa

There are countless colleges that would be jealous of the tools and facilities available to Gould performing arts students. Our 11 Steinway pianos has lead to Gould being named an All-Steinway School, a designation it shares with a select few, including the leading music conservatories in the world. But nothing is as important to a young musician as their teacher, and Edison Quinatoa brings a level of professionalism, care, and passion that few can match.

Performing arts

The string quartet takes advantage of a nice day to practice around the bell tower.

Edison knew that music was going to be his calling early in his life while growing up in his native Ecuador. “I was that little kid with lots of energy who couldn’t stay quiet for a second, so my mother’s friend gave me a recorder,” Edison remembers. “I started playing it and I just couldn’t stop. A lot of things happened after that but I have to say that I am grateful and happy that the music found me.”

Edison, and his wife Elissa, joined Gould in 2013 and immediately started making an impact on the music program alongside longtime faculty member James McLaughlin. Along with leading the band, Edison also works with the Chamber Ensemble. The ensemble has also started training with Thomas Mesa through Gould’s distance learning partnership with the Manhattan School of Music (MSM). The partnership allows the group to receive coaching from Mesa, a faculty members at the (MSM) while still working with Edison. Now performing around New England, the ensemble has been a huge success.

“This group of young musicians is taking the music, for high school students, to a different level,” says Edison. “They are playing music that is only possible to perform at a professional level. Also, the friendship they have created in the chamber ensemble is something you don’t see very often.”  

Edison has also had the opportunity to bring Gould students to work with the Portland Symphony Orchestra and back to his home country to learn from and play with professional musicians.

“Gould has become a special place for me,” Edison says. “I have had so many amazing experiences while teaching here. If you are passionate about music…we will help you achieve your goals. We, as teachers, care so much about our students and support them. No matter what your passion or goal is at Gould, we will be there for you.”

Thank you, Edison, for always being there for our students, and thank you for making such beautiful music!

Performing Arts

The Chamber Ensemble poses for a photo to promote an upcoming classical performance in the community.

Q&A with Edison

Name: Edison Quinatoa

High School: Quito – Ecuador

College: Bridgwater State University

Proudest Achievement: International performance with Gould students

Last book I read: A Long Way Gone: Memoirs of a Boy Soldier by Ishmael Beah

My soundtrack is: Imperial March “John Williams”

Movie I would recommend: The Imitation Game (2014)

Favorite food: Encocado – Ecuadorian food

One word that describes me: Hardworking

Best advice I ever received: Never give up on your dreams.

Why Gould?
The environment at Gould is unique. I love working with the students and faculty. Gould encourages students to follow their dreams and supports them all the way to the end.

What’s the last thing you crossed off your bucket list?
A concert with the chamber ensemble for the Bethel community.



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