Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow…

March 25, 2015

Well, it’s hard to believe that it’s our last full day in Quanzhou. We started the day off touring Qingyuan Mountain National Park. This park featured a Daoist sculpture and beautiful natural surroundings. The highlight of this afternoon was the talent show! We had no idea what an event this would be. There was a huge audience and many performers from all over the city. Many of our students and hosts participated as you will see in the pictures below. This had been a wonderful and enriching time, but unfortunately it will be time to part ways tomorrow. It is remarkable how quickly this group has created a strong bond, and we suspect tomorrow’s parting will be difficult. The good news is that we are certain that they will stay in touch. On another note, lots of new friendship have emerged within our group. All in all, a tremendous success. We will start the long and exciting journey home in the morning. There may be a quick word from the airport in Beijing, otherwise we will see you soon!


Free time well spent!


The Daoist sculpture at the national park



Boys will be boys…


Hiking at the park


Elayna’s fabulous performance at the talent show


Leif and Alex’s talent show performance


George and Madeline assisted a magician!


Madeline, her host Vicky, and another girl did a lovely performance of a Chinese song.








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