Parent’s Weekend – Nice Break Weekend

October 11, 2012

As many of you should be aware, the upcoming weekend is parent’s weekend. Sure it’s about parents coming to visit Gould, talking with teachers and college counselors and finding out whether their sons and daughters have settled in nicely, but it’s also about the 5 day break we get from school and how we will spend that time.


Last year, I went to the house of a fellow advisee Evan. And I have to tell you that it was the most fun, enjoyable break I ever had. Hiking Mount Desert Island, getting on a boat and swimming in a lake (I always ask and then forget the name!) were just some of the fun I had last year’s parent’s weekend break. The only downside of it was that, because I had so much fun, I did not get to get some work done as I had initially planned. But that’s a small price to pay for such fun.


This year, however, I will stay in a house nearby campus arranged by Mrs. Whittington. Mrs. Whittington, as the friendly caretaker of international students she is, arranges such houses for international students. There will be trips to Portland as well, but I mainly chose to stay in the house, because I really must work done, especially those regarding college. I know I mention college so often in my posts, but I can’t help it, with parent’s weekend concerning college as well. It reminds me that I am still in the middle of that process, and I must work diligently to come out successfully. As last year’s break was greatly fun, I hope that this year’s will be greatly productive.


Similarly, I wish everyone a great parent’s weekend, fun and productive!


See you all after Parent’s Weekend.


Oh by the way, Mountain Day still has not happened as I am writing on Wednesday night. I am suspecting that it’s tomorrow. We’ll definitely Glog about this.



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