Parent Update: transportation, luggage, and gifts

January 23, 2013

students helping in the Tumaini Junior School library

JAMBO! Hello, how are you?  

In two months your son or daughter might be sitting in this  library working with students from the Tumaini School! The excitement is growing, and with each English and geography class their learning about Tanzania is increasing.  Right alongside book learning is the very real world of personal accountability. One discreet part of the trip is that your son or daughter learn about traveling internationally and taking responsibility for the experience. Throughout the winter, we meet as a group to discuss trip details. I will share the same information with you as I did them. Please encourage them to think about what they need to be responsible for in order to make the trip a success. In our first meeting we covered: departure and return details, travel luggage, spring term luggage, host gifts, and opportunities and connections.


Departure and Return Details

1. We depart as a group from Logan airport on March 19th.  We will meet at Terminal A at 4pm. Students may travel to Logan on Gould transportation, which leaves from Gould on the 19th at 1pm. Alternatively, students may travel to Logan independently.

2. We return from Tanzania on March 30th at 2pm. Students may be picked up by family members for a few days home, or return to Gould on transportation provided. Dormitories will be open for these students.

Travel Luggage

1. Pack lightly! Students will need three travel bags: the backpack they use everyday, a carry-on bag that will fit in an overhead bin and is a softshell versus hard (think duffle bag), and a large duffle for checked baggage. Please consult the KLM guidelines to ensure your baggage is compliant.

The backpack is for daily supplies: camera, journal, sunscreen, hat, granola bars, water.

The overhead is for all the clothes for our trip. We cannot afford to have a lost bag. We must carry everything with us. There is nowhere easy to get another set of clothes!

The checked bag is for bringing supplies over to the school. If this bag does get lost, it can be kept in the airport and picked up later. We ask that you bring the large bag to Winter Parents’ Weekend so that we can pack the supplies ahead of time. It is tricky business finding the exact weight to supply ratio!

Spring Term Luggage Transfer

1. If you are arriving from another destination and returning directly to Gould, your luggage for the spring term will be transported for you by Gould and stored in a secure location. You will be able to access that luggage upon returning to Bethel. This is very confusing to the students, so please ask questions as needed!

Host Gifts

1. Students are reading William Kamkwamba’s book The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind  and quickly realizing that our needs and the needs of a family in sub-Saharan Africa are very different. We will ask that you fund a very specific host gift for either the host family or school. It looks like solar powered lanterns are very likely, but we need to determine the host families, so stay tuned!

Opportunities and Connections


1. We are incredibly fortunate to have a wonderful connection in Karatu, Tanzania. Elizabeth Kallop is an innovator and visionary in developing purposeful relationships between Tumaini students and students in the states.  She was recently featured on a website called Women You Should Know About.  You can link to her interview and then the interview of two female teachers at the Tumaini School.



Part 1: Women Talk: 10+ Questions with Elizabeth Kallop, an American In Africa

Part 2: Women Talk: Christine and Cecelia, Teaching in TanzaniaTeaching in Tanzania

Elizabeth Kallop’s blog : I look forward to her updates because she transmits the joys and opportunities that await us!

Tumaini Junior School website

Next Steps

1. Ensure all travel forms, health forms, and student code of conducts are set.

2. Find the duffle bags your child will use and bring them to Parents’ Weekend.

3. Read up on Tanzania!

4. Reach out. If you have a Tanzania connection, please let me know. We are so lucky to have two ninth grade families with great connections. More on that in my next post.

5. Please contact me with any questions. I can best be reached through email:





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