Pandamania Chengdu 2

February 28, 2011

Our last full day in China began with the animated storytelling of weekend adventures.  Most traveled to see the Giant Buddha at LeShan, with many going on to Emei Shan, a sacred Buddhist mountain.  The kids were much more interested in Marcello’s story about the monkey that stole his Red Bull and drank it, than in any enlightenment they may have achieved.  All were in good spirits as we headed north to the Giant Panda Breeding Research Center.  Upon arrival we encountered the Chengdu 1 group as they were leaving the Center.  Quick hugs and hellos were exchanged, and then it was off to see the pandas.  “They’re so cute” and “I want to take one home” were common exclamations as we made our way through the park.

After pandas it was back into the city for another great meal and then a trip to the Jinsha archeological site.  At this site a construction crew unearthed the remains of a previously undiscovered civilization from more than 3000 years ago.  Amidst the animal bones and elephant tusks the archeologists also found jade, bronze, and gold.  The big find was a balled up paper thin disk of gold, that when unrolled, revealed a splendid symbol of the sun surrounded by four birds.  This disk has become the symbol of Chengdu.  Our visit to the site concluded with 4D movie that included feeling the wind blowing, a snake crawling across your legs, and an arrow to the back.  Quite an experience.

As our trip comes to a close we want to say thank you to the folks at the Foreign Language Experimental School Affiliated to Tanghu Middle School for their warm hospitality.  Xie xie.

Chengdu 2 at the Panda Research Center

So cute!

Jinsha Archeological Site

Can you dig it?

An incredible find

A cultural relic from 3000 years ago

Ready for the 4D experience

Words to live by as our trip comes to an end


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  1. Avatar Victoria Fimiani says:

    So funny about the monkey! Maybe a Red Bull sponsorship is in his future? Again, terrific photos. Travel home safely and looking forward to hearing many more stories.

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