Thursday Thoughts

September 20, 2007 Glog
Have you got GLOG? You may have heard us ask this over the last week, and little did you know we did have GLOG and today is our day. As some of you may know…Read More

Wednesday Whims

September 19, 2007 Glog
So it’s time for my “Wednesday Whims”, and the first two GLOGs were awesome, so its going to be a tough act to follow. Hopefully I can follow through, though! The first full week of…Read More

West Side Pride

September 18, 2007 Glog
Aaah, the first Tuesday Glog. I am truly honored. Although it feels like we’re in full swing here at Gould, the fact is we’ve only had one week of classes. It wasn’t long ago that…Read More

I’m a SuperFan of GLOG

September 17, 2007 Glog
It’s quite the honor to be the first post on GLOG ever, but hopefully I’ll rise to the occasion! I guess that’s what happens when you get put on Monday. I’ll be posting up every…Read More