Vivid Imagination?

October 16, 2007 Glog
I know reading a Glog without pictures isn’t as much fun, but I’m not able to upload images. So, read on, and use your imagination. Actually for this entry your imagination may be better than…Read More


Hey everybody, sorry this ones so late, but this is the first time I’ve had the internet so far in my travels. Your probably reading this and wondering, where is he travelling? Well, seeing as…Read More

Discipline, change, activism and Playpumps!

October 12, 2007 Glog
I’m just back from “rounds” too late on a misty rainy Thursday evening. Walking around Gould on nights like this can be special in its own way. The campus quiets down very quickly after ‘in-dorms’…Read More

October 11, 2007 Glog
Thursday In Fall What a beautiful week the colors are nearly at their peak, just in time for Parents Weekend. The week started off for us with Fall Fest weekend at Sunday River with the…Read More

October 10, 2007 Glog
Well it’s Wednesday again at Gould, and the first trimester is already half way over! This year has gone by so quickly, I can’t even believe that our first break is coming up this weekend.…Read More

The Fair was quite fare

October 8, 2007 Glog
Ooooh Yeah! It’s Monday, so I got the update here about the happenings around here. For any wondering the answer to the Classroom Trivia of last week, “Who was the first president of the United…Read More

Today might have been the day…

October 5, 2007 Glog
Every once in a while, it makes sense to talk about the weather. Today was one of those days. In Bethel we were treated to one of those days of that you hope will never…Read More

Drama & Ramen

October 3, 2007 Glog
Welcome to the Thursday thought on the GLOG. As most of you know, and some may not. We live on the ground floor of the Davidson boys dorm, on the corner of Church and Winter…Read More

Wednesday Whims

Another Wednesday is here and it’s my turn again to report on what’s been going on at the Academy. I would say the most exciting thing that has happened yet so far is that Mountain…Read More

Aluminum Weekend

October 1, 2007 Glog
Monday, Monday, Monday! It’s been a week, and a whole plethora (big word, might want to look it up) of stuff has happened. Classes have been chugging along, you learn something new everyday. I’ve got…Read More
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