May 1, 2012

OVERHEARD IN SPANISH CLASS: (teacher)- “The next sentence is a very romantic thing to say.” (student/glogger)- “What- ‘I have to buy the tires?’

It’s Tuesday, and I haven’t written my GLOG yet.  Hmm….. Okay, I’m giving this one over to my Spanish 2 class.  Here are a couple of things that came out of my classroom at the top of the Gryffindor tower today:

A. I really hate misplaced apostrophe’s.  Like that one.

2. There are some truly twisted adolescent minds out there.

Not twisted in a Silence Of The Lambs kind of way, just in a creative-weird-kooky kind of way.  I’ll let the evidence stand on its own (note: not it’s own).  Here are some independent, creative sentences that my students have come up with this year.  All I ask is that they write something, using the grammar at hand.  This is what shows up sometimes (I have translated these sentences into English so that you can read them.  Take my word for it-they are even better in Spanish):

  • I use my cat to pull my sled.
  • I don’t have teeth.  Or eyes.  And my hands.
  • I don’t use a litterbox everyday.
  • The girl is frustrated because she doesn’t like candy.
  • The girl is angry because she ate some cookies.
  • The car is very handsome-I want to tired the car.
  • I am very enjoyed in Spanish class.

Keep in mind, these are Spanish 2 students.  One even just said “Yo no tengo un hair-tie…It regrets me, my friend.”  I happen to think that they are great.   They make me laugh, cry, and occasionally want to poke myself in the eyes with my scissors, but they are super-great.  Just ask them.

Brilliant students, being brilliant.




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  1. Avatar Test Taker says:

    The girl is frustrated because she doesn’t like candy.
    oops 🙂

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