Our visit to Jinli Street for ear massage

February 23, 2012

After a day of visiting local landmarks, we had some time to explore Jinli street.  The students enjoyed the mix of gardens, traditional shops and beautique shops.  It proved that our visit to the silk market last week was well worth it when we saw similar items for sale at five times the price we paid.  We also saw some human statues and enjoyed a few american snacks like coffee, ice cream and cotton candy.

The highlight of the day was when everyone sat for an ear massage, for about $3.  A massage is a generous term.  A deep ear cleaning would be more appropriate.  Enjoy the pictures.


3 Responses

  1. Avatar Mama says:

    Glad to see the ears are clean!

  2. Avatar adele harvey says:

    Message? Massage?

    • Avatar DirkMacKnight says:

      At one point during the ear cleaning they use a vibrating fork that feels like getting a massage to the inside of the ear.

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