Our Time, For The Last Time

June 5, 2013

Heyyyy everrrybodddy! (FOR THE LAST TIME!)

I’m going to be honest with you all, I’m a pretty sentimental person at times, and it’s getting to that point. The point of goodbyes, see you laters and parting ways. The point of the end of high school for myself and my class, our new beginnings and our whole future ahead of us.

So here we go, my “thank yous”

First off, the Mannings…oh where do I even try to begin? Mr. & Ms. and Alec are my second family! That’s pretty much all that there is to it. They’ve helped me through everything, good and bad times. We’ve watched numerous shows together, Glee, Walking Dead and currently Lost. They’ve fed me, supported me and just overall been the best people ever!

Now there are two special people who I have to give a shout out, Ella and Kathleen. These two hooligans are my absolute sisters. They’ve been my best friends from the beginning and I know we will be friends for at least forever. I hope everyone gets an opportunity to have two friends like my girls. (The pictures below are of our senior year and the one after is from way back when during freshmen year)


I’d also like to thank my family! My parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles etc. you guys are rockstars and I can’t wait to see all 700 of you at graduation! (not even kidding I’m going to have my own fan section)

AND YOU, Gould Academy, every single one of you…thank you! Even if I didn’t give a direct shout out, mostly because I’m lazy and I want to go outside, every single one of you faculty, students, whomever in this community are just unbelievably awesome. The past four years are full of memories I will hold on to forever!


I can’t believe it..but for the last time,



ps. This week Buddha says, “Keeping away from all evil deeds, cultivation of life by doing good deeds and purification of mind from mental impurities.”



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