Our Thoughts and Prayers are with Boston Today

April 16, 2013

Nothing silly today.  No lists, no interesting observations about how funny our language can be, and no “Overheard…” Today my mind is flooded with images, past and present, of Boston, Massachusetts.

I was born in Boston, and grew up nearby.  My father was born here, and so were his father and grandfather. I watched the Boston Marathon many times from my grandparents’ front yard, just a few miles from the finish line.  My great-great-grandfather came to Boston to find a life full of opportunity and free from oppression. I learned to sail on the Charles River. I learned to drive by getting lost in the maze of pre-Big Dig downtown. By the time I was 18 years old I could drive to Logan Airport in my sleep.  So many snapshots of my life feature the “beacon on a hill” as a backdrop.

My roots run deep. As the song goes, “Boston, you’re my home.”

Photo used with permission from morguephoto.com

And today, you’re all I can think about.


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