Our first race as witnessed from the A Girls’ lead van

April 25, 2013

by Coach Casey
The first bike race of the season was awesome! It was exciting to see every one dig deep on the final climb and smile from ear to ear at the finish (once they could pick their heads up from the handlebars). 🙂 Madison finished! That was
her longest ride of the season.

Melissa rolled off the front of the pack with another girl with about 7 miles to go. At about five miles out and she dropped the other girl and just found her zone up the hill to the finish. She was solid and stomped each pedal stoke with a smooth deliberate cadence. It was great to watch from the Girls’ A lead vehicle. The rest of the A Girls’ pack did really well to hang just a minute or two out. I love Kelsey’s mental fortitude once she’s in the throes of competition. All of the girls rode their hearts out. It was great!

The C boys rode well, also! Andrew Seigel had a strong day! If you notice, the top six times in C Boys are faster than the winning B Boys time. Andrew and Donnie Sieb could have contended in the B’s! The B Boys rode well. Our A Boys
are solid. Who knew there would boys in the race who have been training at altitude?! Really? Twenty-six miles in a time of 54:25. Wow!

Have a great day!


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