On Where I Live (And Random Second-Floor Musicians)

January 19, 2014

Hey everyone,

I’m back!

I forget how to write a hook, so I am going to get straight to the point: I live on second floor in one of the dorms, obviously not the boys’; I like music, and there are people on this floor that play wonderful music.

Now, let me tell you about second floor first.

It is a lovely floor with lovely door signs designed by my roommate and me (we are very very proud of our door signs). It is close to the exit, so you can run fast in case something happens. It has an awesome dorm parent who has a really cute dog, though the girls here like to tease the dog very much.

(This is supposed to be the part where I elaborate on how noisy the girls can be sometimes.)

What I really like about my noisy second floor, though, as hinted on the title up there, is that second floor has many musicians.

Sometimes, as I drag myself back to the room after a tiring day, it is such a pleasure to hear someone plucking notes, strumming chords on her guitar and singing along. Or sometimes people would practice an instrument for class/the band, too, which is incredibly nice.

Once, a girl living next to my room was playing something really really loud (which I later figured out to be her country’s traditional musical instrument). I was curious, so I went straight to her room to figure out what that awesome noise is. Unfortunately, someone else, who was also curious, peeked in the room and asked – is there a band in here? -, and the girl stopped playing onwards, probably because she was afraid that noise will bother people. Too bad. I don’t really mind, though. I should try to get her to play again.

So, that is a little bit of information on where I live, and why I quite enjoy living here. Enjoy your Sunday before Monday comes!


Credits to BuzzLolz.
Dear cat, I’m sorry for what he put you through, but I really can’t stop laughing when you have that face.



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