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October 26, 2014

I may have not contributed to last week’s Glog roundup (sorry!), but I should start by saying that I’ve been thinking about the topic of this entry since then.

See, last weekend was Parents and Family Weekend, but more to the point it was MY first Parents and Family Weekend – not as a mother of a student, mind you, but as a faculty member still very much getting my feet under me. All-in-all it was a GREAT weekend filled with some really fun activities and events. What made the weekend so memorable to me, however, was learning more about the many reasons family members chose Gould Academy (what can I say – once a marketer, always a marketer). It was honestly like having my own personal target audience right here on campus.

Family Weekend 2014

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Family Weekend 2014

Family Weekend 2014

Most of the time we talked about how great the students are (it’s true!). There was a lot of  “Oh, he’s your son!” and “She’s really great”, as well a some empathetic reassurance like, “it must be hard having not seen X since you dropped him off in September – I can’t even imagine!” And that’s the truth. Since getting to know a lot of the students here they ARE pretty great and I can’t even imagine if I were their mother – I would be calling/texting/sending word by carrier pigeon (if need be) on a multiple times a day, daily basis. For any student reading this, I might suggest that you call that family member you’ve been meaning to since arriving back to school from break (hint, hint).

As for what I learned (all responses are anonymous):

“X came here for the skateboarding program; it’s pretty incredible.”

“X wanted to pursue skiing. X has brother(s) who went elsewhere, but X wanted to come to Gould because of the Competition Program. Coach [Mark] Godomsky and Coach [Kurt] Simard are amazing.”

“For X, it was love at first sight. We visited other campuses, but none of those schools had to offer what Gould did.”

“We came here after seeing some other schools and were instantly blown away. They knew X, they understood X’s interests, and tailored X’s tour of campus and interviews accordingly. There was no comparison.”

“X’s brother went to another school and graduated. I can tell you this, I am pretty sure that after fours years of being there, that school’s headmaster probably had no idea who I was. That’s not the case here, Mr. Ruby knows my name and my son’s name, and he genuinely cares.”


iMy family.

So what did I learn from my many conversations? That mom and dad are always right (just kidding…well, kind of). I am reassured by my many conversations that what sets Gould Academy apart is our community, our location, and our many different programs. From the students and faculty, to the advisors and programs, to the events and activities, there is no getting around just how special this place really is. And I wouldn’t be the marketer that I am if I didn’t remind those of you still reading this that there is an Open House on November 11. Tell your friends.


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